About us

House cleaning in Philadelphia

Homeworks has developed a company system that guarantees customer satisfaction. Each home is different with a wide range of needs and expectations we put together a worksheet for each customers home. this worksheet includes specific details and instructions with your preferences and requests. We encourage our clients to leave additional notes on the day of your cleaning if you wish. No one knows your home like you do. This ensures that we thouroughly address any important areas you many notice before your cleaning day.

Why Book with Homeworks


House Cleaning in Philadelphia has been our personal mission for more then 15 years.  We so appricate the homeowners and customers who have put their trust in us.  Its a relationship we Value.   Over the years we've learned from our customers how best to adapt to the wide range of needs, wishes and expectations. 


Our staff is available Tuesdays thru Fridays with a 10 am or 1 pm start time. You can chose the day, time and rotation that suits you best. We always send an email reminder the day before your scheduled cleaning to be sure your expecting us.


We feel that your house cleaning deserves the personal touch that can best be delivered by the same great house cleaner who develops a familiarity and personal connection with you and your home. Sometimes your person (or team) may be sick or called away to a family matter. In that case you could have another team member fill-in for them or you could just reschedule.


Feel free to choose a cleaning schedule that suits you best. Most customers take advantage of a regularly scheduled cleaning arrangement. You may prefer once a week, once every two weeks, once a month or even an an-call service. We'll create a worksheet for your space that, in addition to what is standard, will include what is important and specific to your home and wishes.


For regularly scheduled cleaning we believe it’s most hygienic to keep your home insulated from other homes. Many services drag supplies and (worst of all) vacuum cleaners and mops from one house to the next. This exposes your home to all matter of who-knows-what that has been drawn-up for other homes. We are happy to purchase products for you to avoid cross contamination and avoid the risk of spreading infestation from house to house.

Our Team

All of our employees are actual employees—not independent contractors.   Our staff is made up of students and artists, creative types with an eye for cleaning. The problem with many career cleaners is they tend not to be particularly motivated and we’ve found that our employees are focused, energetic and are the type of people we like to work with and that our customers are happy to have in there homes. 

Our Team

The Homeworks staff is made up mostly of Students and Artists with an eye for detail. These are young adults that are energetic, creative and focused. They bring the same eye for detail and level of responsibility to house cleaning work that they apply to their after-hours work, university studies and art or musical pursuits. All of our house cleaners are interviewed, screened and professionally trained for a 2 to 4 week period working side-by-side with our manager to fully understand how to meet the needs and expectations of each customer.